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Hi, we are Olivier and Cristiaan. Together we are VIRO. Everything started by making a collab and just a half year later, we decided to be an official duo. Olivier, the first member of VIRO, is a young Belgian DJ/Producer with a great passion for dance music. At the age of fourteen he was blown away from Hardwell's edit of Jake Shanahan's & Sebastien Lintz' 'Passion'. On that moment he decided to become a DJ. VIRO was born in 2011. Half a year later, he started producing music. He locked himself up in his bedroom and came up with his first original track 'Solo' in late 2011. In April 2013 he bought his first Pioneer CDJ's to develop his skills even more.

Cristiaan, the second member of VIRO, has always been busy with music. He learned to play the piano at the age of 7. Later he got hooked to electronic music. He began experimenting with producing software and became addicted to it immediately. He also bought DJ gear to play around with all kinds of music.

At school, Olivier and Cristiaan met in mid 2012, they saw that they both had a special interest in dance music and decided to make a track together. In the winter of 2012, 'One Wave' was born. It was a straight hit at local parties.

Now with multiple other releases on the way they decided to form an official duo. Olivier asked Cristiaan to join him under the name VIRO.

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